Virtual Collaborators

Ready When you Are!

Virtual Collaborators

Ready when you are!

Royal Palm Virtual Teams and Virtual CoWorkers

Reduce Costs

Increase Quality & Efficiency

Regain Your Time

Scale Quickly

Recruitment and Placement for Skilled Virtual Employees

  • Reduce Cost

    Make yourself competitive, sustainable, and profitable by saving 70% on labor costs.

  • Increase Quality & Efficiency

    Outsourcing works. Watch your VA expedite the tasks that used to burden your workday.

  • Regain Your Time

    Spend time on higher priority tasks, and delegate work that doesn’t require your personal attention.

  • Scale Quickly

    Start with one or more staff and scale quickly to meet demand—without all the overhead.

Hire a Remote Team Member Today

Start focusing on the critical areas, the reasons your customers hire you, the things that only you can do best. And watch your business take off!

Your remote team member can help you with:

Virtual Assistance

Let your VA take care of your daily routine tasks so you can get back to growing your business.

Customer Support

Direct customer interactions are an important part of every business, let your new qualified VA handle these interactions by providing top notch customer service and assistance.

Administrative Tasks

Your VA is qualified to work and take care of any back office support you may need- data entry, management, research, or anything else.

How it Works

  • 1

    Meet Our Team & Pick a Plan

    To get things started, we’ll have a short conference call with you to get to know the details, requirements and needs of your company. Choose Part Time or Full Time.

  • 2

    Recruitment Process

    We will recruit and find the best VA tailored to your requirements and needs.

  • 3

    Interview & Select

    Meet and ask any questions you may have to our top candidates, then select the VA that best fits your company.

  • 4

    Breathe and Relax

    Life is better when you’ve got someone to take care of the little things.

Don’t take our word for it…
See what other are saying about us

Hiring a Virtual Assistant from Royal Palm Virtual Solutions was the best thing I’ve ever done… having someone take care of the the day-to-day change orders, so that I can spend my time on new business has been a game-changer.  I now know I can continue to get help, thus continue to grow.

I would like to highly Recommend The Royal Palm Virtual Solutions of Ashley and her entire team. Their communication before, during and after was always direct, professional, clear. They exceeded their candidate-assistance into developing confidence and trust in all directions to make my hiring process smooth, efficient, and experienced. Kudos to Royal Palm Management team !!!

At first I was a little skeptical, I’ve never hired a virtual assistant before. I have now had the same assistant help run our office, handling all of our accounts receivables, payables, PR etc., for some time, and we are now interviewing our second VA. I cannot believe I hesitated so many years. I am glad we finally made the decision to try one out – moving forward, all of our back office will be handled by VA’s.